The Technology Specialist as Teacher Leader

I came across a very useful video on technology leadership called “The Technology Specialist as Teacher Leader:  Strategies to Ensure Successful Technology Integration and Student Learning.”  The website gives biographical information on Patrick Ledesma, who helps teachers integrate technology in the classroom.  He conducted a conference on this issue, which is available to view as a video on the website, as an ipod broadcast, or as audio only.

The video is presented as a Powerpoint presentation and takes you through the elements that should be in place in order for you to become a technology leader in your school.  He offers some excellent advice for people who want to take on this particular challenge.  One piece of invaluable advice he offers with regards to managing the environment is to create procedures that encourage teacher independence.  You don’t want to get bombarded with teachers asking you to fix their computer problems.  He points out that it’s important to help teachers feel confident with technology so that your time is not spent running around fixing equipment problems.

He also emphasizes the importance of linking technology with curriculum expectations.  Rather than pushing wikis or blogs on teachers to get them to use technology in the classroom, show them how wikis and blogs can be used to enhance their curriculum.  For example, using wikis for vocabulary.  Teachers in the school will then be more willing to adopt technology in their classrooms.

The video is an excellent resource for anyone looking to take on a leadership role in technology in their school.  It provides practical points and suggestions for implementing school-wide technology integration.  The presentation is organized in a step by step fashion provides clear and simple directions on how to accomplish your goals for technology in the school.

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